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The Priory of the Roches Saint Paul


XII Locus de Rupibus Santi Paulin

Priory of the Roches Saint Paul dependent of the benedictine abbey of Cormery. Centuries

    The Priory's origins are lost in the mists of time. In the past, we could found a tumulus (6m x 1.5m), bearing witness to the iron time. To date, we can just find a flint dagger. All objects and remains are disappear.

    The village is interested and picturesque with its houses (of the 16.17th centuries) made together around the Priory. In the old day, the Priory was the center and the soul of this village. In the 12th Century, the Priory is mentioned into a charter which it talked about a donation done for the Turpenay Abbey.

    In 1768, goods and incomes' Priory was been joigned to the incomes of the Chinon' college. After this, the Priory was been managed by farmers. 

All activities saved in 1779 (28/04/1979) give an idea of the importance of the territory (fief) of this village (Roches Saint Paul).

    (19/06/1779) Louis Blucheau, owner, in ligré, of the Priory with few lands (ground). Quickly, he increased the area buying with 9.500 FF the 26 march 1810, to the heirs "Redoulès" other estate (domains) also located in this village. This estate was acquired by the abbot "Bouin de Noiré" the 14 aguste 1781. This purchase was noted down his receipts register. Thanks to his marriage with Lady Marie Foucault, Louis Blucheau had a daughter wich name was Marie. The little girl marie died in the Roches Saint Paul, the 13 september 1819, she was 25 years old. Her husband was Jean Péan, solicitor (lawyer) in the court of Chinon. 1824, his son-in-law had the usufruct of the Priory. Little time after, Jules Péan his grandson will inherit.

Jean Jules Péan (Marie'son) in 1824.
Louis Letourneau in 1866.
Miss Penin in 1941.
Sylviane and Jean-Yves Coiffard in 1973.
In 1978 They bought the building of the 17 century, and in 1992, the west part which was sold the 21/06/1840.

Archeological descriptive

    The priory buildings are arranged as a square with in the angle; a polygonal tower. The median part is  lighted buy mullioned windows. Every rooms are heating thanks to monumental fire-place. Formerly, the west part had 2 elegant turrets.


    The priory, with lot of difficulties, found again it architectural group. It is dressing (treat) its wounds under the lee of its walls, with the silence and the serenity.
    Fragment after fragment, it is telling us it story. Treated, listened, it is alive again, in order to continue it welcome tradition.

In the doorway of the Priory, two charming cottages invite at the pause, the relaxation 
and the peacefulness.